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Stop the insanity.
Let us help you.

2nd Wife is a professional personal assisting business committed to helping you have it all. Women are expected to be awesome at everything. It is unrealistic. It is sexist. Until women have equality, we have 2nd Wife.

Your personal assistant can serve you by the hour, by
the project, on the regular, or on a special occasion.

Your 2nd Wife is trained to keep you organized and free
to do what matters to you, whether that’s working or
recreating. Your 2nd Wife can do your laundry, organize your kitchen, run your errands, plan your vacation, and everything else that doesn't require your special skill.

2nd Wife isn't a luxury. It's a necessity.

2nd Wife, your Personal, personal assistant

Contact us at 916-600-9985
or admin@2ndwife.com